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Upcoming New Trends 2020

The trend of 2020 will evolve with the setting of getting a touch and sight inspiration. From Nature elements to Pristine use of highlight colour to the inspiration of texture details to name a few.
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Tips to Design Kid’s Room

Everyone is excited with the addition of a new family member.  So how do we go about designing a kid’s room to welcome the new kid on the block? Here’s some tips to designing a Kid’s room.  We call it our 3 golden rules!
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Kitchen Design Fashion

“Cook up a meal is the most important activities of the era”. Kitchen nowadays can be exciting. It is a place where homemaker, chef, or simply food-lover where interaction takes place. A commune place where people gather for their love: Food & Beverage
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Popular Interior Design Styles

You are now the proud owner of your house.  The next question, “How should I do up my house?” “What is the design style that I should use?” “Which style will look good for my new house and best suit my lifestyle?”  Here’s some popular design styles that we have heard people talking about. 
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What’s In for 2019?

With so many design styles ranging from modern to rustic and rustic to classical, there is no doubt a growing new trend in all of these designs.  Here, we share on some of these upcoming trends with the choice of material, color usage and the finishing works.
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