Our Difference

Our team of professionally trained and experienced Curator and members of the team work hand in hand to manage each and every aspect of a project. We come from a diverse design-trained background, and each of us are equipped with an accredited education.

With our flair for colour, spatial arrangements, architecture and textiles knowledge, we are always able to translate your thoughts to the perfect work of art. From the creation of early concept designs, through the maze of complicated planning and statutory process, to construction and final fit-out stages.  We ensure that we fulfil our promise to deliver a beautiful home to you.


The milestones of the project went smoothly as per scheduled; with excellent workmanship from all parties - the carpenters, the electricians, the painters down to the cleaners. During the handover, we found no major faults and were highly satisfied with the final output.

- Stella, North Park Residences