Project   Clinic 
Location   Bedok Road 

Clinic facade of modern gothic framed design projects a fresh and welcoming look. White and blue create a clean and calming atmosphere that is often associated with the corporate identity of the clinic. Arch and clear glass design set the openess of the reception area. Stepping in the main entrance of a customised two leaf door with special arch shaped handle leads to the reception area.  

We used feature and styling furnishings that complement the white and blue color scheme, such as a reception desk with a wood and stony marble effect. Off white upholstery and trendy waiting area makes seeing the doctor consultantion a pleasant experience. 

It is important for medical facilities to prioritize cleanliness and spaciousness to ensure a comfortable and healthy environment for patients. A well-maintained and professional-looking clinic can also enhance patients’ trust in their healthcare provider and contribute to a good service visiting.