With a minimalist theme in mind, the house goes for a palette of cream, brown and grey. The living room consists of a stone tile backdrop with a matching sleek console. Dining area goes for a serious white brick wall design with oversized mirror backing to magnify the space. Kitchen has a practical storage and an U-shaped layout cabinetry for kitchen appliances.

The Master room sets an elegant look of wood grain with a contrast background of marble veins details. Sliding doors are used for the entrance and the walk-in-wardrobe eliminates the door frame and enhanced a minimalist feel.

The Master bathroom goes for a more classic hotelier look. It uses marble feel tiles and texture floor tiles strips with a luxury bathtub and matching facet and basin. The Bathroom goes on a cosy approach of using warm running tones wood grain tiles. The warm ambiance is further advanced with a reflected light source near the mirror. Except the kid sharing bathroom is in a orange cheerful look with balloon pendent light.

Top floor comes with a tall height ceiling for the study room. It has a symmetry shelving design book cabinet and tall overhung metal ladder. 

Style Cordial Minimalist
Location  Thomson