Style Luxury Transitional
Location  Selatar



With a fine detail setting of a cosy classic atmosphere, the house pursues a transitional style. The layout setting of accent piece furniture and showcase cabinet fill the living hall.  Having a tall backdrop of texture material in grid design over the TV console becomes the topic around the room.  The Dining consists of an organic oval shape table that is completed with classic design seats.

The Kids’ room oversees a balcony view of having a longitudes bedhead design with a study desk. This layout enables good workflow and plenty of display shelving for kids’ objects.

The Master room focuses on a tall feature wall backing with a designer dresser. The room is segregated with a divider wardrobe, combining a changing room in mind for easy access to the spacious bathroom. The tonality is based on a darker hue with a leathery texture finish which gives the space a warm relaxing thought.