Style Modern Eclectic Luxe
Location  East Coast

The couple with kids like a Eclectic Loft theme for the house.
As it is two apartments combine into a singel unit home, we have made major changes to the layout. 

The Living room walk into a foyer of having wood strip overhung on the ceiling. The living space works on an arch shape backdrop with a tv console as the focus.
The theme is having rustic material such as motif tiles and texture wood grain and mainly white for the material palette.

The centre area is having an open concept kitchen which the long stretch of kitchen island worktop.
We also provide ample storage cabinetry and a laundry cum store room at a corner. 
Down the side walk, we created an activity room for their kid’s fun time gathering.
Next to it, is a study cum office usage room for the adults working from home arrangement of a soho workspace.

Down the other wing, the rooms are located side by side with the master bedroom next to two common bedrooms for the three kids.

Soft furnishing of wallpaper and loud statement choices fills the room, with wallpaper for the activities, study room and certainly to the bedrooms too.