Style  Rich Black Encave
Location  Macpherson Road

A rich black encave interior with a dark mood and a bar counter featuring a brass gold feel can create a luxurious and sophisticated urbane atmosphere.

Using black as the dominant color for the walls, ceiling, and larger furniture pieces. This creates a dark and moody ambiance. We incorporate brass gold accents for a touch of luxury and elegance. To style the place, we enhanced using brass gold for the bar counter, light fixtures, cabinet handles, and decorative accessories.

Design a sleek and modern bar counter with a dark wood or black marble countertop. We create a comfortable lounge area with plush velvet sofas or armchairs. Fabric in deep motif and jewel tones for the upholstery to maintain the luxurious feel. 

Master bedroom are completed with a tall texture stone finish to form a geometry backdrop. The stone texture effect adds an extra layer of depth and character, making the enclave feel like a luxurious retreat.