Style Simple Japandi
Location  Mattar Road

Creating a family friendly Japandi-inspired theme interior for this 4 bedrooms condo in the central area. Japandi, a East-meets-West design movement combines elements of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics, resulting in a harmonious blend of minimalism, functionality, and natural elements.

We use a soothing and neutral color palette, which is characteristic of both Japanese and Scandinavian design. Shades like soft whites, beige, light grays, and muted pastels are used as the base colors for walls, floors, and large furniture pieces. Having customized strip wood design details and exotic marble stone as surface details, we create a calm palette combination for a family’s home theme. 

The bedrooms have a platform concept that elevate the bed and create a workstation cove. For the master room of a full height vast window layout, we utilized a long settee and add ample storage for the home.