With so many design styles ranging from modern to rustic and rustic to classical, there is no doubt a growing new trend in all of these designs. Here, we share on some of these upcoming trends with the choice of material, color usage and the finishing works.

Green with Envy

Envy the greenery colours.  As earth eco is in the era topic, nature theme come in. There will be Floral and Motif blends will showcase in soft furnishing.and also Featured panel such as drapes and cushion will fill the rooms

Metallic Blend

With the ever popular metallic colour from phone and gadgets.
Metallic of rose gold, champagne gold to brass gold create pieces of trendsetter.
Metallic blend appears in sanitary wares such as facet to basin and even to furniture
Pedestal and legs of accent pieces blend well in metal pieces..

Good Old Days

Owners are searching for unique pieces that showcases the character’s lifestyle.
These pieces will stood the test of time and form a accent furniture in the house.
Restore furniture to natural wear and tear add the age to the place.
People are looking for craftsmanship and good material in artisan furniture with details

Raw Material

Feel for organic is in demand. From texture to embossing effect is filling the house. You will see more raw look material such as stone, rocky and texture wood in the trend. This adds the nature and touch to differentiate the home look. The texture stimulates two different senses such as sight and touch. There are  few type of texture in material: actual, simulated and abstract.

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