You are now the proud owner of your house.  The next question, “How should I do up my house?” “What is the design style that I should use?” “Which style will look good for my new house and best suit my lifestyle?”  Here’s some popular design styles that we have heard people talking about. 

Modern Classical Style

Classical Style is projecting details on the influential of English and Greek culture.  The key element of this style is the symmetry use of the room with a central focal point.  Greek and Roman architecture, where the use of classical ornamentation is primary used to identify such classical style.  Tall Column and motif of pattern such as gods, angels are often used to represent the majestic architecture period.  Styling details include fabrics that are elegant in texture and patterns without being overly lavish or attention seeker.  Natural flooring of wood, and stone such as marble and granite works best to reflect the natural grain and color scheme used for this design. 

The color palette commonly adopted include the hues of nature color, ranging from yellow, blue, green, brown as well as a softer, hues like orange-brown, grays and pinks.  When accenting with whites, off-white is often used for an authentic classical color palette.

Victorian English Style

Victorian English style originated from the Old English era.  This style is often seen to be luxurious and opulent.  A considerable amount of flamboyant accessories are used as displays.  The color theme is usually kept to White and Gold to create the luxurious and classical feel. 

A contrast of rich textures against the bright shades in upholstery and wall coverings is often used.  Wall covering with floral or repetitive motif and light hues are used to compliment fashion and softness of the house interior.

Minimalist Style

Minimalist design style is all about achieving simplicity. Inspired from the Japanese traditional design and the concept of Zen philosophy, the basic geometric forms, elements without decoration, simple materials and the repetitions of structures represent a sense of order and necessary quality. The natural light in minimalist buildings reveals simple and clean spaces.

To implement successfully the minimalist style storage, allow the space to remain minimal while still retaining the essential objects you use within that space. Clever use of space and hidden storage is often used in minimalist kitchens.

Modern Contemporary Style

Modern Contemporary style is ideal for small spaces as it maximizes space and creates the illusion that the small space is larger than it is. There are minimal textures and bold geometric forms, with neutral colors accented with bold colors.

The key feature is the use of lines.  Smooth, clean, geometric shapes are essential for modern contemporary style furniture pieces with upholstered furniture in black, white, or another neutral tone.  These pieces are kept simple and uncluttered, straight and without any curves or any excessive decoration. Sofas, chairs, and ottomans usually have exposed legs, and beds and chairs also do not have any trims or tassels. In short, with contemporary interiors, less is more.

Retro Style

Often, design cycles rotate.

Every now and then, old designs always take a turn, however, it is always with a modern twist.   This is the Retro or Vintage style, an eclectic mix of old styles and new forms.  We have seen a move towards brighter and bolder colors, creating a new style of design that is fun and funky.

Dated as old as the 50’s, 60’s or even the funky loud 70’s, there are many different ways to go about implementing a retro design style into your home.  For instance, we can add a few accent art piece furniture such as the 70’s style armchair, side table or even an old decorative table lamp can be the focus point of the house.  The key-identifying feature can therefore be described as an old style of generation mixing with the new modern.

Urban Loft Style

Urban loft interior features objects that are seen more often in industrial. There are the use of galvanized steel, concrete floors, metal siding, exposed beams and unfinished surfaces to create a distinctly modern, urban, lofty look.

For a more polished, sophisticated finishes and clever small space solutions, an open space is created to transform an available space to a multifunctional space, such as an open kitchen concept to cook and dine, entertain at the same time.

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