Everyone is excited with the addition of a new family member. So how do we go about designing a kid’s room to welcome the new kid on the block? Here’s some tips to design a kid’s room. We call it our 3 Golden Rules!

Rule No. 1: Think from a Child's Perspective

“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dream are forever ” – Walt Disney

Not all kids wants a five star posh hotel room.  Think in your kid’s shoes.  They love fantasize ideas in their room. At the age when they are creative, the room theme should be borderless ideas or should we say “Think out of the box”. Let them live in their fantasyland, where there are castles, robots, aliens and space wandering around.  The ever-curious kids will love to see their familiar character come to life in their own world.  Just think out the box – “from a kid perspective”.

Rule No. 2: Safety Guide

Safety. The primary concern of all parents. 

Location of the Bed. Do not position the bed directly underneath a window, nor directly against a wall of shelves, appliances or even photo frames that your child can get hold of.  It is a definite NO to hang fragile or heavy items like vase, mirrors above the bed.

Keep the window safe from the little ones.  Use latches that will let the window open.

Next, avoid open drawers that can be used as a climbing frame, use child-proof latches instead.  Secure freestanding furniture with anti-toppling devices such as straps or fixing brackets.

There are a lot of hardware shops that sell child-proof socket covers.  Get them to keep the plug sockets safe from the itchy probing little fingers.   Similarly, secure all dangling lamp cords to prevent injury from pulling on them.

Lastly, get a cabinet bed for young children under six.  Besides, these beds can serve as an extra storage space too.

Rule No. 3: My Own Canvas!

A lot of children hate the spotless and uncluttered look of those impossibly tidy rooms that furniture companies tend to show off on their showroom poster.  They love to portrait their room with their extra personal touch.  It is great to have a backdrop with space adventure where they can showcase their favorite space shuttle on shelving or simply pasting an astronaut poster on the galaxy dark wall or hanging ceiling.

Using special creative paint for a magnet wall or greenish black chalkboard for quotes or activities. The ever-changing chalk input or poster will get the kids excited with activities in their own room. Or even adding a customized print large format poster to have the biggest galaxy mirrored on the ceiling.

Be unique! Graffiti artist work that paint one of a kind creation makes the room special to the kid.

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